Quick Tutorial – How to ulpoad Hex To Arduino Leonardo (Simple Controller 16 Buttons & LEDs Part 1)


Quick Tutorial – How to ulpoad Hex To Arduino Leonardo, and with new tutorial how to build vMix Simple Controller with 16 Buttons & LEDs, and T-Bar Part 1.

Main Parts:
Arduino Leonardo Board
Multiplexer 16 Channel Board
16 LEDs
16 Buttons
Potentiometer B10K

5 Preview Buttons
5 Active Buttons
Cut, Auto, Recording, Streaming, FTB, Fullscreen


Follow the video tutorial step by step, If you getting error “No port Found”, Install/burn new Bootloader to reset the Leonardo board. Remember, Unlike UNO?NANOThe MOSI, MISO, and SCK Arduino Leonardo is not on the pin 11 12 13, but on pin 14, 16, 15. Check the board pinout below :

Get a Arduino UNO / Nano Board, open example, choose  ArduinoISP sketch and upload it to UNO/NANO board.

Then connect the pin:
ARDUINO UNO / NANO                                ARDUINO LEONARDO







Or use Female Jumper wires and connect the wires to ICSP port on both Boards

Choose The Arduino Uno COM Port, select  board as “Arduino Leonardo”, select “Arduino As ISP”, then click “Burn Bootloader”

It takes a while (1-2 minutes). After done. Open The Arduino Builder, Upload the hex to Leonardo board, Done!


vMix__16_tbar with_bootloader.leonardo.hex

Arduino Builder:

Arduino Builder – Download

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